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Polls Don’t Tell the Tale—Trump’s Support is Deep. Here’s

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:39

The problem with you Trumpkins is that you are to easily impressed by a reality TV star. Only an idiot would believe that Trump 8767 s ancient 757 is better than AF6.

Is your book idea good? (Yes, I promise) | Scott Berkun

Yes, the Republicans now control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court—for which we all thank Barack Obama daily—but the sophisticates among us also recognize that 57 Republican Senators is too razor-thin a margin for a bold Trump agenda to flourish.

“All fiction is derivative, a fact that the good writer turns to his advantage, making the most of reader’s expectations, twisting old conventions, satisfying expectations in unexpected ways. “ John Gardner, The Art of Fiction

I tape programs and find that it means certain people can be heard, and the rest is fast forwarded through. Tucker, 5 and Hannity usually takes 6 hour while I work out.

There are ppl with reputations that say Trump CAN pardon himself.

Good point. Would you be able then to list two or three news outlets you consider reliable? As in, adhering to the established journalistic standards in reporting, and taking appropriate action if/when it transpires that these standards were violated in their reporting, such as firing the offending reporters and providing public retractions?

Assuming the latest on CTEs isn 8767 t the beginning of the end for football. Either way, football may rain on the media 8767 s insane fascination with all things Trump.

Excellent article! I thank God every day that that witch is not in the oval office. The country dodged a nuclear warhead that day. I shudder when I think of how close we came and that that many people voted for her. Sickening

But it was your guy, Trump, who has said that the election was NOT legitimate because he says
that all of those 8 million votes that took Hillary 8 million above him (Trump) were 8775 jillegimate. 8776
And, now, the GOP, in efforts to legitimize it 8767 s terrible mistake in having pushed for Trump 8767 s election
after he shook his hands and called his other GOP opponents names instead of talking about policy, are
now trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It gave healthcare to another 87 million lower paid working Americans and their families and children WHO ALSO PAY TAXES. Just typical Republican Oligarchy. And, UNCHRISTIAN. I am not a Catholic, but the Pope was right on what he said about Trump.

8775 You said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and Benghazi. 8776 You kept it going long after it was clear there wasn 8767 t much there there.

8775 That is not properly termed “millions losing insurance” that is “millions choosing of their own free will not to pay for something they do not want and do not value.” 8776

A terrific piece that pretty much mirrors where I am and have been on Trump. And yes, everybody 8767 s nuts. But in the end the liberals I come in contact with every day are more nuts than Trump.

On a policy level I totally agree that Trump has been fulfilling his campaign promises. I do think he could handle public relations much better than he has. He still comes off as arrogant and a jerk. Still his governance is what we voted for, and that has been fine. His Boy Scout speech was inappropriate for the venue. I agreed with much of it, but it was not the time or place. He does that a lot.

Unfortunately, I think that Jewish support for Democrats has roots in history, all the way back to Egypt, Spain and so on. In those old ages it was always 8775 we, against the Jews 8776 . Strong, nationalistic governments scared Jews and that did get into their DNA. At least for many of them.
US Democrats are party operating in the name of weak and pledge to protect them. This is what appeals to US Jews, they feel safe, protected when democrats run the Government. They in fact are very comfortable with wolfs in sheep skin. In other words, with Socialists and Communists.

It 8767 s sad that a group of strange, out of touch leftists occupy the western half of such a lovely state like Oregon. What has your state contributed to make America, or the world, better?

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