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If we are to go off of what the documentary says then my comments are absolutely ludicrous. But I'm actually basing my opinion on first hand knowledge from friends in the states with premium health care plans. One of whom got seriously ill while in Canada and compared his treatment here with that of a third world country. He actually fled to the United States in very bad condition to get his condition properly treated. This is a very compelling film but one must recognize that Mr. Moore is well aware of the power of propaganda and uses it by presenting facts selectively (thus possibly lying by omission).

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5) “Then you could go and keep not doubting sources of information as long as they push the right buttons, say what you want to hear.”
----This sounds -so far- like what you do. This is not an insult, but blunt open well-intended observation.

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Seems like you know so much about taxes, show us some evidence. And I will show you that Americans pay more taxes than most of Europe.
For one thing in France besides free health care, there is even free college education among other things, college education can be called a hidden tax, right?
If you have to pay for your health care that is also a hidden tax, etc: etc:

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You and your gang are not talking about god but rather torture and murders as it we once seen at the school of assassins in Georgia USA that you also exported to Panama.
And you guys are still voting for that, albeit you are fully aware.
As aware as any NAZI ever been.

The bottom line is that a private insurance program artificially installs a middleman who needs to be paid. Who do you think covers that significant piece of the pie ?

To tell you the truth, I don't think there is much hope for America to get Universal Health Care. The Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies are WAY too involved in the government and there ain't a damn chance they are ever letting that happen. They will spend millions of money on creating anti-universal health care propaganda and bribing politicians they will pull ALL the stops because America has everything to gain from Universal Health care but they have everything to lose.

It also amazes me how many post, link, refer to this video as 'example of Christianity' when most (not all) but most in these discussions are well aware how documentaries can obviously just find any crazy corner. Few people are unaware of this. Most of us are not so dull and naive to watch this and say to ourselves "Oh wow! THIS is what Christians do?".

God and jesus are no way of life, because they don't exist except in the incredibly flawed philosophy that keeps them bound to us, and keeps us in a state of constant war.

Because the monster turns out to be dangerous—he kills Frankenstein's assistant, his mentor, a little girl, and almost kills Frankenstein's fiancée, and Frankenstein himself. So good old Henry decides to help a bunch of villagers track down the monster and kill him dead.

I lost my respect for christianity when I was a small child. It began with the song "Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to War." I'm not down with that. The real history of this religion is so full of hate and killing that it's laughable anyone would treat it seriously as a means to peace. Sorry to the faithful. I mean you no harm. I am after all an atheist. We don't preach celestial vengeance.
This woman could use a fast or two. just sayin'. Maybe she should celebrate Ramadan as well. Couldn't hurt. Oh, by the way, this is the 666th post! Go figure.

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