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The below template should be copied into a word document, edited, printed and then signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace (JP) or other acceptable witness.


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Statutory declaration by Party Secretary

(name &ndash in full) (deponent)

Commonwealth of Australia STATUTORY DECLARATION

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Affidavits and statutory declarations give the name, address and sometimes the age of the person making them, with an indication of why they would know the information (for example, being a member of the family, or one of the oldest people in the village). The person making an affidavit was usually referred to as the 'deponent'. 'Deposition' is another word for a written statement.

Section 688 of the Criminal Code provides that certain improper activities in respect of affidavits or statutory declarations are indictable offences and punishable on conviction by imprisonment for up to two years.

a. The person holding a commission as a CF officer is required to hold the rank of captain or equivalent or higher and to state the rank and the officer's unit in the jurat.

Some affidavits and statutory declarations can be very useful in tracing family history. They might give all the birth dates or death dates of the children in a family, or be accompanied by a pedigree. Some give details about members of the family who went abroad and were never heard of again.

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