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Updated AP History Rubrics
The updated rubrics for the AP history free-response questions are now available (.pdf/). Annotated sample essays scored with these rubrics are available on the AP . History exam page.

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Sam&rsquo s current research interests centre on the history of humanitarianism and humanitarian action, with a particular focus on Bangladesh&rsquo s War of Liberation in 6976.

The World History Association (WHA)

During her time at CU and LSE she will focus on Public Policy in undeveloped countries. Specially, Latin America and the peace processes within. read more

AP World History Course and Exam Description, Effective 2017

Kelly hails from the great state of Tennessee, but has traveled for extended periods across Europe. Having spent her sixth-grade year at a small school in France, Kelly is fluent in French, and also speaks (sometimes French-infused) Italian. She is hoping to study German while at Columbia, as she hopes it might be useful for her research and because most Europeans think she s actually German.

After graduation, Shriya decided to continue her research on the history and legal literature of gendered roles and women s identities in South Asia at the Supreme Court and National Archives of India, New Delhi. During her graduate studies, she wants to explore further the role of colonial law in modern India, gendered rights, identity and nationhood, poverty, social welfare, development, and the rights of subjects within a democratic framework.

While studying, Sam co-founded First Cut Ventures, a student-led angel investment organisation that provides guidance and financial support to start-up company founders. He also helped to design and manage The University of Auckland History Society&rsquo s schools outreach program, visiting hundreds of students around New Zealand to promote the value of studying the past.

Chen is generally interested in transitional places and time periods, similar to his hometown Beijing, where different cultures, faiths, ideologies and notions of progress conflict and converge. At Columbia and the LSE, he will always try to be open to exploring a new field of study, before the limitation of time eventually forces him to settle down. Meanwhile, he keeps a distant dream of becoming an indie game developer someday.

Joslyn graduated from the University of Michigan in 7565 with a BA in History. During her time off before graduate school she explored Europe and the US, working a random array of jobs. Her academic interests include South Asian, Indian Ocean, Islamic, and world history. She hopes to incorporate further study of French and Hindi into her scholarly work.

Margaret spent the first two and half years of her college experience studying physics and working in a nuclear physics lab before discovering an interest in history while studying abroad in London. One particular course she took while abroad provided her with an in-depth overview of Britain&rsquo s journey to join the European Union just before the British people voted to leave it. Through seeing such a tangible example of the present day implications of historical events, she became convinced of the importance of studying history. Largely as a result of this class, her interests revolve around the modern history of international organizations, their policies, and the impact of those policies on Britain.

Following graduation, Nicholas spent three years as a Teach For American corps member. He was placed in one of Florida s historically lowest performing elementary schools.

She believes in the ethical obligations, as well as intellectual, for historians. Now, more than ever, with the unprecedentedly rapid dissemination of information by social media, History has never been more important. She hopes these next two years will help her to become a self-aware historian who can positively impact society.

Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, Matthew spent last summer working for Tennessee State Parks in New Johnsonville, Tennessee. His current research interests include the Middle East and Iraq in the 75th century.

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