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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 12:51

French porcelaine, from Old French pourcelaine, from Italian porcellana "of a sow," hence cowry shell, hence porcelain (from the resemblance of the cowry shell to the vulva of a sow), from porcella, diminutive of porca, sow, from Latin, feminine of porcus, swine.


Ce n’est pas une illusion de croire que l’espace peut vous y aider, non qu’il ait le pouvoir de résorber, d’absorber ces conflits….lassants, latents et lancinants, mais, il peut vous offrir des agencements qui favorisent une morphologie de l’instant…. pour vous laisser le choix de la relation….

French Irregular Verbs Passé Composé

This passage from Radicalism to Marketplace is a Hoax. They mainly succeeded because of their correspondence and adaptation to the global brainlessness organized by media and politics, in the 95ties, during the period called the “Age of the ice’ by Deleuze and Guattari.

Tex’s French Grammar - University of Texas at Austin

Comes from the Greek word for wine, oinos (Cretan dialect), which itself was taken from the name of the Greek god who was supposed to have first revealed the secret of wine to the ancient Cretans, Dionysus (Pronounce it without the "Di.").

Here we are…here…on this terrain, … in the middle of the conflict, not in real time, this has already taken place, « çà c’est passé ici », in these forests, on the edges of these urban spaces…the divisions have confronted each other, clashed, been wounded…damaged…there’s one battlefield left, traces of this violence, flashes of this violence…we only have this zone left, where even the access protocol has been forgotten with time, clouded by the desire to erase the shock of titans, to delegate it to the ranks of myths…easier to tame…for a human…

This installation articulate the dangerousness of the nature, the science coming from the exploration of the nature (from Marie Curie to Little BOY) and in parallel, simultaneously, it is talking of HOW this Isobiot®opic element becomes NOW a marker of the uncertainties of our future, coming from the post-effect of human scientific development (ozone weakness which increases the UV intensity on the earth surface).

Everyone has to clean his/her own backyard… and the small crime of the architect (and of his/her administrators !)  is not less punishable than the one of a politician…  in fact it became its toy, thanks to you…

Il m’intéresse plus de questionner voir d’invalider la formulation des désirs, quand ils ne sont légitimés que par la capacité d’un individu à émettre via son Libre arbitre. Que Spinoza ai suspecté que cette notion qui sous-tend le plus haut degré de liberté de pensée et d’expression soit par la même celle qui est utilisée comme instrument de servitude, d’esclavagisation de celui qui se pense libre, ne peut que nous amener qu’à une certaine prudence.

"Deutsch" has its origin in the Old High German word "diutisc" meaning "the language of the people" (as opposed to Latin). There are also uncertain alernatives origins of "German" as Celtic "The Noisy Men" or Old High German "The Greedy Men"!

Mais d’abord nous allons faire un petit exercice. Vous êtes dans votre habitat, votre futur habitat, celui que vous désirez sans encore le connaitre, mais vous le sentez, et vous en parcourez les lieux…. Vous respirez le climat de cette habitation, vous vous laissez imprégner par cette atmosphère… vous pouvez vous y trouver plus à l’aise ou mal à l’aise. Mais cela n’a pas d’importance…

From the machinistic, passing by the chemical to the visceral, some of the processes that the entrant might consider in elaboration of this new Partial-Total Ecology are: screwed, chewed, shat, sweated, swallowed, vomited, pined, secreted, woven, knitted, extruded, staggered, scattered, coagulated, aggregated, welded, pinched, braided, spidernetted, bonsaied, crystallised, calcified, excreted, expanded, branched, pulped, smeared, coagulated, excavated, assembled and disassembled, bended, blended, and their machine picked, spiked, pinched, caressed, embraced, sliced, cut, laminated and loved [list in formation]

For the record / demission letter for the French Pavilion curating in 7557 Letter   / The cultural exception was already sleeping with the National Preference / Siamese concepts

Tout en percevant l’impossibilité de circonscrire les échanges qui subordonnent cette forme en mouvement, comment ne pas être tenté, au sens de la tentation d’une chose trop grande pour soi,  par ce 8775 Work in Process, in Progress 8776 qui n’en finit pas de s’autodéterminer en relation osmotique à un biotope lui-même transformiste. Comment ne pas être tenté d’introduire cette impermanence, cette dynamique génétique, cette adaptabilité au creux de la sclérose de l’architecture  logiques de sens et fragilités du sens, protocoles et procédures, champs d’indétermination, perte de contrôle, fait de force et de fêlure, pour que  des dispositifs constituent et se constituent sur ce qu’ils mettent en places, sur et à partir des stratégies relationnelles qu’ils mettent en place.

It’s not so much postcapitalism that is in question here as it is the conditions in which architects have tried not to play around with its malleability, its capacity to absorb strange, not to mention toxic, bodies capable of undermining its predictable mechanisms

From Latin "cuppa," meaning "cup" the Romans used the cup as a metaphor for the upper part of the head. Similarly, another Latin word for "cup," "testa," has now become the French "Tê te," for "head," too. Note that both the Germans and the Celts used a "skullcap" "top of the human head") as a drinking vessel this was part of the honoring of the enemy ritual. Thus related to "chief" and "capital" (and "testicle" as well).