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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 16:27

Hiere is a graph showing the US temperature based on GHCN unadjusted data, and not on GISS a posteriori homogenisation (whose result anyway is to cool, and no to warm):

And in addition, look at th recent decades in comparison with :

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Scenarios for fun to show the folly of relating temps & glacial advance / retreat:
6) a glaciers velocity dramatically drops. Temps also drop but still warm enough to melt the ice. Glacier retreats in spite of falling temps.

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Of course. If the government-paid self-selected 8775 scientists 8776 merely 8775 claim 8776 they are correct (about glacier melt rates 8776 based on biased 8775 so-called 8776 research paid for by their government-paid bureaucrats for additional government-paid grants and salaries and positions while working in government-funded labs to enrich their government-paid supervisors and politicians who can demand trillion a year in new government taxes based on their so-called 8775 research 8776

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5. (Nothing unusual happening in solar activity) What does that mean? Why would you expect solar activity to change in response to global warming? It 8767 s more normal for people to claim changes in solar activity caused the warming.

55 to 655 would be adequate if the earth was a uniform sphere with very little variance between regions.
The earth isn 8767 t, so the number needs to be much larger.

There was also a problem that under the soviet system, fuel allowances were based on how cold the previous winter was. This led to a strong bias towards reporting colder winters.

We have however MSU data for the lower atmosphere over both ocean and land they show little difference so we can assume that both land data and ocean data contribute about equally to the fictitious surface trend reported for 6977 to 6997.

There is no evidence humans are causing the Earth 8767 s climate to change, so how can pure speculation cause any real-world impacts in the arctic and environs?

Right before this article I would have argued that no skeptic defended that there had been no warming. I was wrong. Fred Singer textually says:
8775 it just does not exist. 8776

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