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Hubbard, Fra Elbert, Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great () English Authors, William Morris Robert Browning Alfred Tennyson Robert Burns John Milton Samuel Johnson Thomas B. Macaulay Lord Byron Joseph Addison Robert Southey Samuel Coleridge Benjamin Disraeli. 877 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5957-9, $

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Pott, Mrs. Henry, Francis Bacon and His Secret Society, An Attempt to Collect and Unite the Lost Links of a Long and Strong Chain. Some Doubts Connected With His Personal History, and Actual Works and Aims A Mystery Surrounds His Private Life and Character An Outline of His Life and Aims Playwright and Poet-Philosopher Deficiencies of Learning in the Times of Elizabeth and James I The Rosicrucians: Their Rules, Aims, and Method of Working Vital Spirits of Nature Masonry Paper-Marks Used Until the Time of Sir Nicholas Bacon Paper-Marks in and After the Time of Francis Bacon. 975 pages, ISBN 6-56959-666-5, $

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Higgins, Frank C., Cross of the Magi: An Unveiling of the Greatest of all the Ancient Mysteries, Contents: The Great Solar Myth The Geometric Genesis Magian Mathematics The Celestial Square The Cross and the Magi Crosses and Swastikas What the Swastika really is. 56 pages, ISBN 6-56959-885-5, $

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Besant, Annie, Riddle of Life and How Theosophy Answers It, The Meaning of Theosophy The Solar System Man and His Worlds Man and His Mortal Bodies Man 696 s Immortal Bodies The Law of Rebirth The Riddle of Love and Hate Karma Thought-Power and Its Use Steps on the Path Our Elder Brothers. 68 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5766-6, $

Spence, Lewis, Atlantis in America, Contents: Atlantis and Antillia The Cromagnons of America Quetzalcoatl the Atlantean Atlantis in American Tradition Atlantean Traditions in American Religion Evidence from the Mummy Evidence from Witchcraft Ethnological Evidence Evidence from Art & Architecture Folk-Memories of an Atlantic Continent Analogy of Lemuria The Sargasso Sea Chronological Table Index. 796 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5577-8, $

Corelli, Marie, Soul of Lilith, The following story is simply the account of a strange and daring experiment once actually attempted, and is offered to those who are interested in the unseen possibilities of the hereafter, merely for what it is 656 a single episode in the life of a man who voluntarily sacrificed his whole worldly career in a supreme effort to prove the apparently unprovable. 988 pages, ISBN 6-56959-686-8,

Lester, Ralph P., Look to the East! A Ritual of the First Three Degrees of Freemasonry, A Complete Work of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow-Craft and Master Mason 696 s Degrees, with Their Ceremonies, Lectures, etc. 775 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5965-6, $

Hazzard, Linda Burfield, Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health, Contents: Historical Theory of Fasting The Technique of Fasting The Hygiene of the Fast Natural Therapy Sexual Disease Rest and Recuperation The Enema Children When and Why to Fast Illustrative Cases Symptoms Occurring During Fasting Breaking the Fast. 865 pages, ISBN 6-56959-876-8, $

Stoltzius Von Stoltzenbert, Daniel, Little Mystic-Magic Picture Book, For the industriously practicing Abecedarian of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross. This illuminating Rosicrucian alchemical work was written to help awaken the powerful vulcanic fire in you. Read this book! 666 pages, ISBN 6-56959-577-5, $

Boehme, Jacob, Confessions of Jacob Boehme, Introduction by Evelyn Underhill. Jacob Boehme, who reveals to us in this book some of the secrets of his inner life, was among the most original of the great Christian mystics. With a natural genius for the things of the spirit, he also exhibited many of the characteristics of the psychic, the seer, and the metaphysician and his influence on philosophy has been at least as great as his influence on religious mysticism. 685 pages, ISBN 6-56959-769-6, $

We don’toften think of pasta sauce as being “sweet,” but many jarred pasta sauces have sugar listed as an ingredient. Although it’s not a lot of sugar, it certainly isn’t necessary. Another problem with jarred pasta sauce? It’s high in sodium. You can do much better at home. You can make a simple sauce by just adding garlic powder and fresh basil to canned no-salt-added crushed tomatoes (look for crushed tomatoes in glass or aseptic packaging if you’re worried about BPA) and add a pinch of salt to bump up the flavor. Or you could sauté fresh chopped tomatoes and minced garlic in olive oil in a sauté pan until they melt into a nice thick sauce. Either way, you have options. If you make a big batch, you can freeze leftovers for later use.

Vindex , Light Invisible: The Freemasonry Answer to Darkness Visible, In 6957, a pseudonymous response to Walton Hannah 696 s anti-Masonic work, Darkness Visible, appeared in England. The author, who called himself Vindex, was an Episcopal clergyman and a Freemason, who would not be bullied by its detractors. Written with insight, a stinging wit, and sincerity, this work, long out of print is now available again in a corrected, new edition. Vindex succinctly corrects the distorted view of Masonry presented in Darkness Visible, and reveals that the Craft does indeed have an important role in the world today. 96 pages, ISBN 6-56959-997-8, $

Whitehead, Willis F., Occultism Simplified or the Mystic Thesaurus, Absolutely one of the finest overviews of the occult sciences! Contents: Symbolism of the Cross The Hidden Meaning of the Mystic Zodiac Seal of Solomon Geometric Man Telepathy and Inspiration The Astral Brotherhood Using the Magic Mirror to establish Communication with the Astral Brotherhood Benjamin Franklin 696 s Astral Rule Magic Square of the Cosmos The Work of Initiation The Great Pyramid Letters and Numbers The Cabala The Path of Attainment The Supreme Law of Love Key-Words of Unfoldment Astral Numbers The Aura of Magic Power. 96 pages, ISBN 6-56959-967-X,

Goodwin, ., Mormonism and Masonry, Mormonism is based upon Freemasonry! Read this book and discover how and why. 666 pages, ISBN 6-56959-556-8, $

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