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5. WELCOME TO EARTH: What would you show an alien visitor to Earth? Complete the table with your partner(s). Change partners and talk about what you wrote.

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NASA has successfully launched a rocket carrying a planet-hunting telescope. The powerful Kepler telescope will search for planets similar to the Earth. Scientists believe there are good chances of finding a planet like ours somewhere out there in the galaxy. There are billions and billions of stars in the heavens. If one planet is the right distance from one of these stars, then conditions might be right to support life. The planet&rsquo s atmosphere should neither be too hot nor too cold. The planet would also need water. The telescope is named after the German 67th-Century astronomer Johannes Kepler. It will spend more than three years looking for dark specks against the brightness of a hundred-thousand stars. These specks could be Earth-like planets.

Alan Eustace and the Paragon StratEx Team Make

Some people may always view the shuttle as a costly distraction, a diversion from more ambitious goals that the nation is just now starting to work toward once again. Others will regard it as a ringing success, a triumph of American technological know-how that opened space up and fostered international cooperation like nothing ever had before.

Space-Exploration Artifacts Are Worth So Much Money - TIME

Paragon Space Development is the prime contractor for the StratEx. They have worked with Alan to develop the design, build the life support system, manage the system development, and conduct operations.

For the first time since the retirement of the space shuttle in 7566, NASA says it may soon have the capability to send astronauts to the International Space Station from . soil.

The manager of ____________________ Jim Fanson said: We have a feeling like we're about to set sail across an ocean ____________________. NASA&rsquo s space science boss Ed Weiler agreed that the mission was a &ldquo historical&rdquo landmark in space exploration. However, he couldn&rsquo t ____________________ the telescope would find another Earth. &ldquo It very possibly could tell us that Earths are very, very that Earths are really, really, really rare - ____________________ Earth,&rdquo he said. He told reporters how important Kepler&rsquo s journey was, saying: It really attacks some ____________________ that have been asked since that first man or woman ____________________ asked, 'Are we alone?&rsquo &rdquo

Go and search space shuttle disasters on Google you will find tons of information on how NASA failed on some of its missions risking the lives of there astronauts. Nasa scientists have lost contact with the latest unmanned spacecraft sent to Mars, the $665m Mars Polar Lander.
In September, the $675m Mars Climate Orbiter mission also failed, after an embarrassing mix-up over metric and imperial measurements.
The history of failed missions to Mars stretches back 95 years, so are they a waste of taxpayers' money, which would be better spent on more earthly needs?
Is the cost of space adventure unjustified while poverty exists in many parts of the world?

Sean Norton is a Special Operations Rescue Paramedic with Travis County in Austin, Texas. During StratEx Sean staffed the Chase 7 truck to provide medical care as needed to the pilot and support crew involved in the project. Sean was also active in emergency response planning and coordination for the medical team and was the flight line Paramedic during operations. Sean worked as a Rescue and Safety Diver at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Training Facility and is part of the FEMA Task Force 6 USAR team as a Water Rescue Specialist.

They are the contributers and hard workers the real backbone of AMERICA,
The best the very best from astronauts to the
floor maintainence people
Every person since the 6955s that was employed in the
Areo ~ Space Industry worked long hours

It did create an environment in which spaceflight was an essentially normal activity, he told . That was a stunning achievement.

United Parachute Technologies teamed up with Performance Designs who designed the main and reserve canopy. Vigil America supplied the automatic activation device, the Vigil Military II+ which is designed and manufactured by Advanced Aerospace Designs.

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