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First the father dies, then the mother. Four children are left alone in a house that looks like a castle stranded among grim high-rises. Free of supervision, free of restraint, they can do and be anything, as long as the house's secret is kept.

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uncultivated, bare ground is a livelihood that is not groomed and painfully difficult to improve, see "cultivate" research type, . dry, muddy, etc.

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Guest Starring: Michael Isaacs as Clancy, Rainey Mayo as Leonie Riley, Don Bridges as Charlie Clarke, Robin Dene as Dominic Riley, Karen Davitt as Dr Zoe Hamilton, Mick Ward as Freddy, Anthony Wallace as Billy, Mark Deans as Mark, Andy McPhee as Tim 'Tiny' Duggan, Brenda Monaghan as Rae Longford, Matthew Posetti as Andy Turner, Matt Robertson as J Peabody, Axl Taylor as Len the Barman

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Guest Starring: Brett Climo as Robbie Doyle, Dennis Miller as Sgt. Pat Doyle, Peta Brady as Anise Lightfoot, Jenny Lovell as Gail Russell, John Jacobs as Benny Danders, Mary Rose Casey as Gillian Casooyni, Rob Steele as George Ambrose, Wendy Strehlow as Maxine

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one who walks in spiritual darkness, preying on the lives of others for self-gratification see &ldquo blood-money&rdquo and &ldquo prostitution&rdquo

Guest Starring: Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Timothy Schwerdt as Bryan Maxwell, Angus Smallwood as Andy Maxwell, Carla Hoogeveen as Nita Maxwell, Nana Coburn as Jodi Dunn, Adam May as Ellis Corby, Oliver Frobose as Tyrone Terry, Scott Meneilly as Sr Detective Green

'It was mid-summer, and the city overflowed with visitors. Colin and Mary set out each morning after breakfast with their money, sunglasses and maps, and joined the crowds who swarmed across the canal bridges and down every narrow street.' – The Comfort of Strangers

'I loved blues and rock-n-roll and jazz. I also listened to a lot of classical music. Music swept through me.' – Ian McEwan in interview with David Remnick

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