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You won&apos t let your driver go more than thirty miles an hour, and you wear a football helmet, just in case.
In fact, I don&apos t have a chauffeur. I drive a Porsche 978 S, and I sometimes drive it at eighty or ninety miles an hour on the motorway.

The Rolling Stone Interview: Stanley Kubrick in 1987

He had agreed to meet and talk about his latest movie, Full Metal Jacket, a film about the Vietnam War that he produced and directed. He also co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Herr, the author of Dispatches, and Gustav Hasford, who wrote The Short-Timers, the novel on which the film is based. Full Metal Jacket is Kubrick&apos s first feature in seven years.

Philosophy of Film: Continental Perspectives | Internet

People always look at directors, and you in particular, in the context of a body of work. I couldn&apos t help but notice some resonance with Paths of Glory at the end of Full Metal Jacket: a woman surrounded by enemy soldiers, the odd, ambiguous gesture that ties these people together..
That resonance is an accident. The scene comes straight out of Gustav Hasford&apos s book.

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Philos-sophia can see film as one of its subjects, but film can also be its object , that is, film can be a philosophy through which a thinker attempts to see the world In other words, film can establish its own stances about essence, truth, or beauty. Theoretically, this can be done with any art form: it is also possible to see painting, literature, or dance as philosophical activities. However, film has been found much more apt for such models because its integrative mode of time, space, images, and movement brings it much closer to thinking (as will be developed below).

The difficult and exacting director returned from the bathroom looking a little perplexed. I think you&apos re right, he said. I think this is a place where people stay. I looked around a little, opened a door, and there was this guy sitting on the edge of a bed.

People spend millions of dollars and months&apos worth of work on those thirty seconds.
So it&apos s a bit impractical. And I suppose there&apos s really nothing that would substitute for the great dramatic moment, fully played out. Still, the stories we do on film are basically rooted in the theater. Even Woody Allen&apos s movies, which are wonderful, are very traditional in their structure. Did I get the year right on those Michelob ads?

What I like about not writing original material x7569 which I&apos m not even certain I could do x7569 is that you have this tremendous advantage of reading something for the first time. You never have this experience again with the story. You have a reaction to it: it&apos s a kind of falling-in-love reaction.

Where were those scenes filmed?
We worked from still photographs of Hue in 6968. And we found an area that had the same 6985s functionalist architecture. Now, not every bit of it was right, but some of the buildings were absolute carbon copies of the outer industrial areas of Hue.

Aside from the insults, though, virtually every serious thing he says is basically true. When he says, A rifle is only a tool, it&apos s a hard heart that kills, you know it&apos s true. Unless you&apos re living in a world that doesn&apos t need fighting men, you can&apos t fault him. Except maybe for a certain lack of subtlety in his behavior. And I don&apos t think the United States Marine Corps is in the market for subtle drill instructors.

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