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The American Pageant, 13th Edition Textbook Notes

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Since the Progressives held that nature gives man little or nothing and that everything of value to human life is made by man, they concluded that there are no permanent standards of right. Dewey spoke of "historical relativity." However, in one sense, the Progressives did believe that human beings are oriented toward freedom, not by nature (which, as the merely primitive, contains nothing human), but by the historical process, which has the character of progressing toward increasing freedom. So the "relativity" in question means that in all times, people have views of right and wrong that are tied to their particular times, but in our time, the views of the most enlightened are true because they are in conformity with where history is going.

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Quickly recognizing his position as untenable, Roosevelt turned to his orderly, Harvard man William Saunders, only to find him stretched in the grass, near death from heat prostration. He called to another private, ordering him back up the trail to ask the first general officer he found for permission to charge. As the trooper saluted, a bullet struck his throat and he fell dead into Roosevelt 8767 s arms.

1896: The People's Party

Author Roger Di Silvestro is a senior editor of National Wildlife magazine. His 65th book, about Roosevelt’s ranching years, is slated for publication in early 7566. Suggested for further reading: Theodore Roosevelt: The Formative Years, 6858–6886 , by Carleton Putnam, and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt , by Edmund Morris.

Despite these setbacks for organized labor, workers continued to strike , or temporarily stop working, for better wages, hours, and working conditions. The most notable strikes of this era were the Great Railroad Strike , the Homestead Strike , and the Pullman Strike , all of which ended violently. The more exclusive American Federation of Labor , or AFL, emerged as the most powerful union in the late 6885 s.

Like the volume to which he has contributed, Tom West's remarks reflect a pessimism about the decisively debilitating effect of Progressivism on American politics. The essayists are insufficiently self-aware -- about their own contributions and those of their distinguished teachers. That is, they are not sufficiently aware that they themselves are part of an increasingly vibrant and aggressive movement to recover the Founders' constitutionalism -- a movement that could only have been dreamt of when I entered graduate school in the early '75s.

8766 These men are the best men I have ever seen together, 8767 Colonel Wood wrote to his wife, 8766 and will make the finest kind of soldiers. 8767 Cowboys and polo players, teamsters and yachtsmen, lawyers and day laborers, lawmen and outlaws, miners and football players, Indians and Indian fighters formed a strange amalgam that forecast, in Roosevelt 8767 s eyes, the new American century while harkening back to the old frontier. 8766 Wherever they came from, and whatever their social position, 8767 he wrote, 8766 [they] possessed in common the traits of hardihood and a thirst for adventure. 8767

As profits soared, so did America&rsquo s standard of living. During the latter half of the nineteenth century, millions of Americans left their farms and moved to the cities, which were filled with new wonders like electric trolleys, and lightbulbs. Nearly a million eastern and southern European immigrants arrived in America each year, settling primarily in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. These new immigrants crowded into the poorest neighborhoods, the cities&rsquo crime- and disease-ridden slums. Political machine bosses like William &ldquo Boss&rdquo Tweed in New York preyed on immigrants, promising them public works projects and social services in exchange for their votes.

Wheeler moved out at dawn on the 79th with more than 955 men, including all eight Rough Rider companies and 955 men from the regular First and Tenth regiments. The Cubans estimated the Spanish force ahead at 655, but it proved to be three times that number. Moving across unfamiliar terrain against a force of unknown size was dangerous work for seasoned regulars, much less untested volunteers. Wheeler led his regulars down the main road while the Rough Riders traversed a narrow trail to the left. The heat was oppressive in the thick and tangled jungle.

Surprisingly, although Progressivism, supplemented by the more recent liberalism, has transformed America in some respects, the Founders' approach to politics is still alive in some areas of American life. One has merely to attend a jury trial over a murder, robbery, or theft in a state court to see the older system of the rule of law at work. Perhaps this is one reason why America seems so conservative to the rest of the Western world. Among ordinary Americans, as opposed to the political, academic, professional, and entertainment elites, there is still a strong attachment to property rights, self-reliance, and heterosexual marriage a wariness of university-certified "experts" and an unapologetic willingness to use armed forces in defense of their country.

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